One of the reasons I started this strip, aside from wanting to tell one of the crazy stories that makes it’s way into my brain pan from whatever creative forces float around out there, is that I missed creating art.

I still did paintings or sketches every once in a while, but it always seemed to come in short bursts, and always (for some strange reason) around the time I got bored with the latest video game i was playing. Shocking, I know.

I figured that one way to force myself to keep up the creativity was to do something that was under a deadline, and required at least one piece a week. Then I found that awesome book, How To Make Web Comics (ps. I bought mine while it was still only 14 bucks). After reading it’s wonderful wealth of information, and adding to that my love for comic books to begin with, I decided to go about making Nightmare Storage.

So far, I have had a ton of fun with this. As I hop around the interweb and look at other cartoonists and comic makers and sequential artists, I realize I have a long way to go. That’s why occasionally you will see me attempting weird things with perspective.  All in the attempt to push myself artistically, and to try and become a better artist. I am excited about the story and the ideas I have for future story lines. I hope you enjoy the comic as much as I enjoy making it. See you next week.